25 March 2008

Recognise the areas in which you need to be organised

Sometimes I read organising information on the Internet or in books and it is just overwhelming.  I think some of those organising gurus expect us all to be scheduled to the minute and have no clutter whatsoever.

But I disagree!  I think there needs to be some randomness, or chaos in our lives (I'm not talking about CHAOS - can't have anyone over syndrome).  Unless of course you are one of those super organised people to whom it all comes naturally.  Human beings are naturally imperfect and to fight against that just consumes energy that can be put to better use elsewhere.

So the first thing you need to do when setting off on any organising journey, big or small, is to set the parameters of your journey.  Ask yourself "What needs to be organised and Why do I need it to be organised".  It may be your filing system.  It might be your routine for getting out the door in the morning.  Whatever it is, before you can start you need to know exactly WHAT you are tackling and WHY you need it to be tackled - focus on the outcome you require, not the perfect organising process.  And that way you can avoid organising something that doesn't need to be organised.

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